True Detective April 2022

True Detective April 2022


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A female serial killer from South Africa who also happens to have been a police officer, a troubled young man whose grotesque crimes against an aged neighbour defy description, and a rare happy ending too, when an innocent man finally walks free…They’re all in this issue.

In “Meet Rosie – Ex-Cop And Serial Killer” we hear of the deadly deeds committed by constable Nomia Rosemany Ndlovu. Based at a police station near Johannesburg, Rosie had been a popular member of the team who would take colleagues out for lunch and pick up the bill. No one suspected there was anything unlawful about how she came to be so flush with cash – until she was arrested for trying to have her sister and her sister’s family wiped out…

When widow Margaret Douglas was found murdered at her home in Wadsworth, Ohio, the neighbourhood was appalled. But, as we learn in “Beyond Redemption”, the full horror was even more disturbing. How could teen killer Gavon Ramsay have acted in the way he did?

In the spring of 1994, Kansas City college student Lamonte McIntyre had his whole life ahead of him. Or that’s what he thought. When he was wrongly accused of a drugs-related double-murder, terrible forces conspired to rob him of more than two decades of freedom. Read this issue’s “Framed! How The System Ganged Up On An Innocent Teen” for the full story.

Highlights this issue include:

* Framed! How The System Ganged Up On An Innocent Teen

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: French Tourists Slain In A Cheshire Forest

* America’s Most Evil: So Evil His Fellow-Killers Called Him “Murderholic”

* Meet Rosie – Ex-Cop And Serial Killer

* Hanged In Australia: Gangland Killing At Glenferrie Station

* Execution USA

* Hanged In Wales: When 20,000 Came To Watch Swansea’s First Executions

* Questions & Answers: Ireland’s First Railway Murder

* Beyond Redemption: What Demons Drove Heartless Teenage Killer?

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