True Detective April 2016

True Detective April 2016


Serial child-killer Robert Black’s unexpected death in January this year


Serial child-killer Robert Black’s unexpected death in January this year was no reason to mourn. But the depraved monster’s sudden demise from a suspected heart attack means he has almost certainly cheated justice – and, frustratingly, left us with so many unanswered questions. Black (right), behind bars for four murders of little girls in the 80s, was weeks away from being finally charged with a fifth murder – that of Devon teenager Genette Tate in 1978. And there is renewed speculation that he was the evil perpetrator of many more murders of young girls, both in Britain and on the Continent.  Robert Black’s Timeline Of Terror. Let’s hope that we won’t see his like again.

Commonwealth Of Killing reaches India this month with Last Man Hanged In India – the disturbing story of a security guard tried for the rape and murder of a teenage girl. Did executed Dhananjoy Chatterjee take the rap for an honour killing? There is much to suggest that what happened was a travesty of justice.

And don’t miss Ireland’s Road Map To Murder, which focuses on cases from County Cavan. A publican’s problem son, a bog horror, a deadly doctor and a quadruple killing are all included.

Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!

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