True Detective April 2014

True Detective April 2014


Two small wayside crosses stand near the junction of Folly Farm crossroads on the northern outskirts of Hungerford

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Two small wayside crosses stand near the junction of Folly Farm crossroads on the northern outskirts of Hungerford, Berkshire. Each is a memorial to a murdered policeman and a reminder of one of the blackest days in the town’s 19th-century history. Hungerford hit the headlines again nearly 112 years later because of Michael Ryan’s obsession with firearms. Not only did it give him a chance to leave his mark on the world in the worst possible way but his actions gave rise to far-reaching changes to the law and gun ownership in Britain.

The year 2007 had been mainly uneventful for 15-year-old Jennifer Mee, until that unforgettable day when she started hiccupping and couldn’t stop. Then she went from studying with fellow-pupils at her school in St. Petersburg, Florida, to being the focus of nationwide attention, rubbing shoulders with celebrities on US television and being hugged by a Country and Western superstar. Back in the real world, she grew up and suddenly found herself in a far less sympathetic spotlight.

It was shortly after 9.30 a.m. when a neighbour heard screams coming from Jeremiah Horgan’s farm in Toureenvouscane, County Cork, Ireland. He was passing the farmyard’s entrance when the screams began and he ran into the house to find Nora Horgan’s lifeless body. Two days after the attack an inquest jury returned a verdict of wilful murder by some person or persons unknown, and that seemed to be that – except for two seemingly unrelated incidents…Mary Moynihan And The Mystery of The Thin Man.

The horror story that forms this month’s America’s Most Evil unfolded in court in March 1979 and was the harvest of an evil seeding of events that began the previous year in a town outside Houston, Texas…

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