True Detective April 2013

True Detective April 2013


The murder of farmer Maurice “Moss” Moore in the hamlet of Reamore, County Kerry, Ireland

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The murder of farmer Maurice “Moss” Moore in the hamlet of Reamore, County Kerry, Ireland, in November 1958 remains unsolved. But as month followed month, the slaying continued to trouble the community, with the case going on to become one of those crimes that simply refuses to go away. It inspired the Irish dramatist John B. Keane to write a play with Irishmen’s deep and passionate attachment to land as its theme. A film followed. Then in 1996 that movie became the subject of an Irish postage stamp, one of a set celebrating “Irish Cinema.” The Field and how a postage stamp recalled a murder mystery.

In the 1970s the US state of California optimistically embraced the philosophy that it could successfully treat rapists and murderers through education and psychotherapy. This philosophy meant that a conviction for brutally raping a child was no guarantee of a long sentence. Rapists and murderers went free after a very short time. Rodney Alcala was one of these men. He was let out after a few months to roam free again, only to bring tragedy and terror to innocent women.

Since 2006, when President Felipe Calderon launched his war against drugs in Mexico, more than 50,000 people have lost their lives, and probably the lives of 10 times as many have been devastated. Maria Santos Gorrostieta, the former mayor of Tiquicheo, was one of them. But Maria was no ordinary woman and the savagery and ferocity of her passing deserve some recognition. Under The Spotlight feature and the Brave Mum Who Stood Up To The Drug Lords.

At 8 o’clock on the morning of Sunday, January 1st, 1911, a police constable patrolling Clapham Common, London, discovered a man’s corpse. The victim had been beaten and stabbed to death, his skull was fractured and one of his wounds formed the letter “S” on his forehead. That was how this intriguing case began for Scotland Yard officers. To see how it ended.

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