True Detective April 2012

True Detective April 2012


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To his neighbours Alfred Moore was a chicken farmer running his modest business from his home at Kirkheaton near Huddersfield. But for a small-time poultry farmer he seemed remarkably prosperous, his children going to a public school by taxi, his home expensively furnished. It seemed there was money in chicken farming after all. The police, however, thought otherwise. By 1947 they suspected Moore of being responsible for numerous burglaries in the area. But, more importantly, was he also a double cop-killer? The authorities thought so and he was convicted and hanged. Done deal, right? Well, no, not exactly, because in the years since people have raised misgivings about the case, including a professor of anaesthesia from Leeds University. But who are we to believe? Read our intriguing case and let us know what you think.

Colin Fisher had had an exciting life as a soldier. But after making 150 jumps as a paratrooper and fighting terrorists in Malaya, on leaving the army he found civilian life too tame by half. So he turned to purple heart tablets and marijuana. But that was just for starters.

For at one swinging party in a bedsit in Adolphus Road, Finsbury Park, London, on Saturday, March 16th, 1963, things went too far.

When rent collector James Miller was murdered a short list of suspects was prepared that included the Raffertys, the Conways and the Begleys. All three families were friends and shared a common bond of poverty. So who among them killed the rent collector?

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* TD’s Crime Photos/Prize Competition
* The Body-Under-The-Bed Murder
* Was The Hanged Huddersfield Farmer Innocent?
* Take A Break: Crossword
* Your Letters
* When Porn Parties Led To Murder
* Under The Spotlight: Who Killed The Pyjama Girl?
* How Jo Ann’s Detective Work Sent A Triple-Killer To The Death Chamber
* Questions & Answers: Three Die At Village Pub – But Would They Hang Nine Men?
* Questions & Answers 2: The Muriel Baldridge Mystery John Sanders
* Last Executions In Ireland Part 4: The Pomeroy Murder James Newbury
* Execution USA
* Readers’ Jury
* The World’s Worst Killers
* Melissa’s Way Out
* Grisly Tales Of The Guillotine Part 7: “Send Me To The Guillotine!”
* The Drowning Of A Nightwatchman
* The World’s Worst Killers
* Grisly Tales Of The Guillotine: “That’s Not A Log On Fire”
* Facebook Feud Turns Fatal
* The Married “Witness” And A Game Of Murder
* Execution USA
* “I Hope She Dies…She Stole My Man”

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