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We’re still in anniversary mood at True Detective this month. There’s another chance for one lucky reader to claim a £500 reward if you can provide us with a copy of our very first issue, from 1950. And we’ve a special 50-years-on look at one of America’s most notorious murder cases, first covered in TD back in 1960 when it was still a recent memory. The story in question is that of the Clutter family massacre, and after that first account in TD its legend grew and grew – in particular with the help of author Truman Capote and his book In Cold Blood. So our regular “America’s Most Evil” series steps aside this month to make way for a two-part return to Holcomb, Kansas.

But it’s not all about looking backward. This issue also sees the start of a major new series called Death In The Line Of Duty, in which, over the coming months, we’ll bring you fascinating accounts of the events which led to 135 brave police officers losing their lives while simply doing their job, from 1900 to 2009. Necessarily tinged with sadness, it’s a stirring story of the valour of the bobby on the beat.

What’s it like to live with the knowledge that, one day soon, you’re going to be hanged by the neck – until dead? One man who knew that feeling well – who had a full three months to become familiar with it, if that can truly be said to be possible – was Michael John Davies, just 20 when he was sentenced to be hanged for murder. in 1953. He wrote a gripping account of day-to-day life in Wandsworth Prison’s condemned cell.

* TD’s Crime Photos/Prize Competition
* Ian Huntley’s Deadly Double
* Readers’ Jury
* Classic Irish Murder Cases: “Saturated With Doubt”
* Your Letters
* More of your views
* The Clapham Common Murder
* Three Months In Wandsworth’s Condemned Cell
* Under The Spotlight: Smile Please!
* Execution USA
* Women In Crime Part 5: Mrs. Bamberger’s Folly
* New Series: Death In The Line Of Duty – Part 1
* The World’s Worst Killers
* Where Is Jenny’s Body?
* The Clutter Massacre – Retold
* In Cold Blood – the Aftermath
* Crime Observer
* The Spilsbury Secrets Part 12: The End Of An Illustrious Career
* Questions & Answers: Footballer Makes Legal History

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