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They came for Charles Elroy Laplace on the stroke of midnight. But there was no slap-up last meal of the type served on Death Row in America, nor the company of a reassuring pastor. Instead, Laplace was bound hand and foot and cast on a grubby old mattress in the corner of a fetid cell. Paralysed with fear, he lay there all night, begging for mercy and pleading for someone, anyone to call his mother to save him…If you think this gruesome scene sounds like something from the West Indies of long bygone days you would be wrong. This most unmerciful execution took place in December 2008.

The Old Bailey murder trial was to make headlines nearly half a century after its principal victim went to the gallows. But nobody could foresee this in December 1952. And nobody could possibly know that the reputation of the country’s most senior judge would be posthumously destroyed…See page 26 for chapter two of the astonishing trial of Craig and Bentley – Defence, Judge And Execution.

September 5th, 1947, was a busy day in Hamelin Prison, Germany, for executioner Albert Pierrepoint and his assistants Richard O’Neill and Edwin Roper. Fourteen condemned men were hanged that day including 10 Nazi war criminals and three Polish nationals convicted of armed robbery. And the man who led them all off? He was British military policeman Charles Patrick.

* TD’s Crime Photos/Prize Competition
* Return Of The Noose
* Capital Punishment In The Caribbean
* The Monster Of Murder
* Gallows For Georgina’s Lover
* The World’s Worst Killers
* Flying High – The Husband Who Got Away With Murder For 30 Years
* Notable British Trials Part 24 – Chapter 2: The Astonishing Trial Of Craig And Bentley – Defence, Judge And Execution
* Hit-Woman Was Masked Avenger
* Questions & Answers: The Hound Of The Baskervilles
* Readers’ Jury
* How Killers Die In Shanghai
* Execution USA
* Murder In The Village Part 5: Letters Of Love And Death

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