True Detective April 1993


From Leeds…The charming neighbourhood sex killer Mother and daughter killing twosome New series…Buried alive.

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Nowadays, it seems, it is not wise to let your children visit adult friends – unless you have known those friends all their lives. And the reason is that there exists a loophole in the system designed to make life easier for ex-convicts who intend to go straight. Some devious criminals make use of this loophole to continue their sickening and vicious behaviour. The preplanned activities of ‘The Charming Neighbourhood Sex Killer’ is a case in point.

This month we begin a short series of ‘Buried Alive’ stories – so claustrophics beware! The series starts off with a case in which excavation work begun in 1916, unearthed an old potato barrel with a body crammed inside! The corpse was sufficiently well preserved for an expert to determine that death had been more terrible than initially supposed. Soil that had partly filled the barrel had been sucked into the victim’s lungs, which proved he had still been breathing at the time the barrel was sealed! It was gangland vengeance of the appalling nature.

The gangster theme continues with ‘The Gotti Tapes’ and ‘The Life Story Of A Sicilian Gangster’, giving a broad insight into the affairs of gangland past and present.

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