True Detective April 1991

True Detective April 1991


The Straffen Case – Escape from Broadmoor to kill again!


From time to time the team at True Detective search through aged tomes and files, blowing dust off true crime stories written from the point of view of times gone by. One such case, which would call for howls of public outrage nowadays, was discovered in a Victorian crime magazine. If ever it could be said that the study of crime cases is the study of people, then ‘The Circumstantial Evidence Against Jonathan Bradford’ is a case in point. The Victorian editor had researched the even then historic tragedy. But in his article he still maintained that the man who had been wrongfully hanged must have been guilty of something! Clearing the poor man’s name is too late to help Jonathan Bradford, but perhaps our short report is the first to point out that the man was guilty of no crime. Perhaps now he can rest in peace!

Straffen! It’s a name to chill your blood and send tingles of fear up your spine. You all know the name but how many readers know exactly what it was that he did? A lunatic on the loose. Was he a monster? There has never been anyone quite like Straffen so let’s all keep our fingers crossed that there will never be another?

It was a million to one chance that the killer would ever be caught. A perfect murder! The case could not be closed because it had not been solved. Leads had dried up and the police did not want to waste precious man hours in vain investigations. Then the victim’s mother had a dream, a terrible nightmare in which she clearly saw the way to set detectives off on a fresh approach. Read ‘How A Mother’s Dream Solved Her Son’s Murder’. It has more than a suggestion of the supernatural at work.

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