True Crime Winter Special 2011

True Crime Winter Special 2011


This collection of cases from the pages of True Crime,

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This collection of cases from the pages of True Crime, Master Detective, True Detective and Murder Most Foul brings you a concentrated dose of the best stories from across the world, reporting many aspects of murder. It all adds up to a fascinating cocktail of true stories. Read, enjoy…and let us know what you think. What’s inside the True Crime Winter Special?

* The monster on the common
* Prescription for murder
* Murder and sadism in the Kent countryside
* The gas chamber for Billy Rupp?
* “My 20 hours of terror in killer’s camper van”
* Newspaper editor murdered for beer money
* The red Mini murder that shocked the 60s
* Show jumper hunted down and murdered
* Horror on the pig farm
* Necrophile and cannibal
* The Wallasey hatchet murders
* Julie did not murder her son – official
* “I don’t remember killing Josephine”
* Stifled by a privileged life
* Grim tale of the dentist from Dacula
* The 16-year-old sentenced to hang
* A landing at Tralee
* The body in the garden
* The man hunter
* Wife hid murder secret for 21 years

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