True Crime Summer Special 2021

True Crime Summer Special 2021


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Don’t miss this hand-picked collection of cases from earlier issues of True Crime and its sister magazines True Detective, Master Detective and Murder Most Foul – a concentrated dose of the best non-fiction murder stories from across the world. Highlights include:

Highlights of this 20-story special edition include:

* Murder At The Corner Shop

* Why Would Anyone Want To Murder Sexy Sue?

* Harrogate Murder: Dismembered Body Found After 14 Years

* Six Years To Catch New York’s Jekyll And Hyde Killer

* Who Killed Mr. Submarine?

* Cruel Rapist Burned Karen Alive

* Megan: Why Did She Kill Her Six Babies?

* Melbourne’s Shocking Garden Shears Murders

* Polish Horror: The Vampire’s Apprentice

* Sonny, “The Fastest Gun Alive,” Shoots To Kill

* The Bad Girl Of Death Row

* How Many Victims For Date-Rape Serial Killer Stephen Port?

* How A Third Murder Nabbed A Killer

* A Tale Of Three Killers

* Actor’s Double-Murder Puts Him On Death Row

* Playboy Preacher And His Two Dead Wives

* Killer Cop Needed More Space To Store Bodies

* After 34 Years DNA Nabs Lucy’s Killer

* “One Day We’ll Find Out…Who Killed My Darling Wife?”

* He Crashed His Car To Kill His Wife




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