True Crime Summer Special 2020

True Crime Summer Special 2020


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Don’t miss this hand-picked collection of cases from earlier issues of True Crime and its sister magazines Master Detective, True Detective and Murder Most Foul – a concentrated dose of the best non-fiction murder stories from across the world.

Highlights include:

* Becky’s Killers Are The “New Fred And Rose”

* Killer Shoots 13 In Glasgow Streets

* Revenge For Waco

* Strangler Had Lover’s Corpse In Passenger Seat

* 25 Years For Femme Fatale Robyn

* Murders Of The Batman Maniac

* Forty Years On Death Row

* The Clown, The Hooker And The Businessman

* The Holy Man Who Loved To Strangle Women

* American Dream, Hollywood Nightmare

* “Just Call Me Killer”: The Trigger Burke Story

* For This Couple A Visit To The Sex Shop Meant Murder

* From Warrington: Released Early, He Hacked His Girlfriend To Death

* Horror Crimes Of Sinful Cynthia And The Folsom Wolf

* Who Cooked Karine In The Sauna?

* Killing A Wife Is Not Rocket Science…But The Professor Got The Rehearsal Wrong

* “Death In Paradise” Killers Sentenced To Die…

* The Hanging Of Mimi The Green-Eyed Monster

* Not Guilty Of Murder…The Man Who Beheaded His Daughter

* Prison Killers Drank Hot Chocolate After Throttling Fellow-Inmate

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