True Crime Summer Special 2012


The lady detective who murdered her love rival

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True Crime Summer Special 2012 – 20 fascinating true crime stories from the pages of True Crime, True Detective, Master Detective and Murder Most Foul…

* The kids’ last holiday in Bognor
* American hanged for the killing of Dublin Annie
* When Chicago came to Leeds
* Fred and Rose’s house of murder
* Shropshire’s horror killing and the savage secret of Fatherless Barn
* The avenger who killed ireland’s most hated man
* Ask True Crime: Lord Lucan – what really happened?
* Illusionist dies on London stage
* Lady detective murdered love rival
* Did Betsy kill to give sons a better dad?
* “We forgive the son who murdered our daughter”
* Miracle of the murdered mother
* Boy kidnapped for 7 years
* Dumb, dumber and even dumber
* The shocking crime that sent Lois Nadean Smith to the death chamber
* Did obsession with Olivia Newton-John lead to family massacre?
* Kathy measured her husband for death
* Forgetful Frank
* Plus Comment, TC Reports, competition, Underworld Mastermind quiz and more

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