True Crime Summer Special 2008

True Crime Summer Special 2008


•Was sex Jenny’s lure in husband murder? •Teenager hanged for Essex murder. •End of the road for the bus stop murderer.

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End of the road for the bus stop killer. He would lay in wait at night like a wild animal for girls getting off buses. Preferably they had to be young, attractive and blonde, for he hated blondes. "They are impure," he confided to a friend…

Was sex Jenny’s lure in husband murder? Did gentle, softly-spoken Jenny turn into a cold-blooded killer when her husband spurned her amorous advances, or was she a battered wife?

Teenager hanged for Essex murder. No grounds for The King to grant clemency.

Was Australia’s gun alley "killer" innocent? He was executed for the murder of a schoolgirl which appalled all Melbourne – but was Colin Ross really a killer and will his name finally be cleared?

"I had trouble sawing Tara up." Stephen Grant told police that his wife had gone to Puerto Rico on February 11th and he hadn’t seen her again. It took him five days to report her missing. What Mr. Mom did to his wife was so horrific even he threw up.

Second time lucky. Manchester’s Carr’s Wood murder. The man who police believe stabbed Percy Sharpe to death was committed for trial and locked up in Strangeways Prison. But there was a problem – the facts didn’t fit the evidence. So who, really did kill the teenager?

Murderess of Broadway. She yearned to see her name in the lights of Broadway, but she stood a greater chance of being lit up in Sing Sing’s electric chair. The story of Madeline Webb.

The murder of a nagging wife. The case caused a sensation and made headlines throught the United States. No one was prepared for what happened that day in March 1939. For the first few days it was a closely-guarded secret, the family anxious to avoid the publicity.

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