True Crime May 2003

True Crime May 2003


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The gardener’s triump. Anthony Steel is free at last and has some interesting evidence for the police.

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The Gardenener’s Triump
Anthony Steel is free at last and has some interesting evidence for the police

Death By Paraquat
The first time the poison had been cited as a death weapon in a British murder case

Manchester Shooting Drama
Jim McGraw died portecting his mother and sister in an upstairs bedroom of a pub in Manchester

Too Many Brides Spoil The Wedding
He was going to sort things out with his wife, he told a detective, before he got married to the other woman

Two Ton Murder Weapon
Clara tried everything to keep her husband and this was the last straw

Rooting Out Evil Part 1: Innocent Witness
She heard the man saying "The girl got what she deserved" and then they carried on laughing

The Famous Trials of Lord Darling: Part 4:American Gunmen Hit The Streets Of London
"What happened was that one night in a saloon in Chicago, where there was some jealousy over a barmaid, there was a row and a policeman was shot."
"Were you arrested?"
"Was anyone?" asked Mr. Justice Darling, listening in bemused fashion to this world-wide adventure

Part 4:The Gangs Of New York: The Gallows
The rise of the three brothers who wiped out the Lord High Executioner of the American Mafia, Albert Anastasia

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