True Crime May 1993


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True Crime is swift to criticise the police when they fall down in their duty to the public – but we also believe in giving praise where it is due. Our first story this month deals with the savage murders of two young women – one for being the ex-girl friend of Michael Shorey, the other for being her flat-mate. and the police brought the killer to justice with efficent skill. Eleven months after committing the murders, Michael Shorey had embarked on a life sentence – no mean feat considering how long cases have to wait in coming to trial…

In 1871, the Sussex police proved they weren’t slouches when they put a stop to the spte of poisonings which cropped up in Brighton. It was an unusual case in that a motive for these random poisionings had to be established first. But once the strange and fanciful workings of this particular criminal’s mind had been fathomed, and a highly respectible Brighton lady arrested, then a child’s killer was brought to justice – and an esteemed sweet shop owner could recommence trading without fear!

For fear that any of our regular police readers are getting big-headed, we have also included a case of a police inspector who fell from grace by embezzling, and who sent a "suicide" note in the hope of covering his tracks.

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