True Crime May 1991

True Crime May 1991


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It has frequently been suggested that when a woman says no, she does not really mean it. However, outside male fantasy, there is little to substantiate this myth. This month we have two tragic stories which illustrates this point: The first is our opening case, about a lovely Irish woman whose desire to remain single enraged her passionate admirer and drove him to kill. He was so blinded by his own desire that he failed to understand the woman should have a say in the matter…

The second case recalls how a newly engaged teenager disappointed many of her old admirers by her fidelity to her fiancé. Her willingness to date anybody else was simply unacceptable to a school pal who felt cheated out of his turn with her…and he was determined to take what she wouldn’t give. The trouble was, she fought…read The Girl Who Said No.

Rachel Sills was old and sick. At 70, she was as worn out by age as much as by alcholism, but her inability to cope with scivvying for a houseful of men met with no sympathy from her family. When her bullying son beat her to death, it sickened the community – but not the father, who felt in some measure that it was a justifiable homicide! Horrific Family Murder In Wales.

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