True Crime June 2011


Self-made men are often to be admired, but when things go wrong, look out…

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Detailed contents listing for True Crime magazine – June 2011


* FROM WORCESTERSHIRE: ANOTHER MILLIONAIRE MURDERS HIS WIFE Self-made men are often to be admired, but when things go wrong, look out. In the past few years four of them in one small area of England have killed their wives…

* THE BRISTOL TAXI MURDER: WOULD THEY HANG THE CABBY’S KILLER? On the second day of the murder trial, in a remarkable turn of events, the jury foreman protested that he and his colleagues were not fit to carry on as they had not been given a proper lunch

* BRITAIN’S MAJOR MURDER CASES: WHY MARIA STABBED RACHAEL TO DEATH The two women were an unlikely pair to form a friendship. Had they never met, one would not have become a killer and the other would probably still be alive today

* UNTOLD TALES FROM THE SCAFFOLD PART 11: WHY BERRY THE HANGMAN WAS SACKED A newspaper commended James Berry on the kindness and gentleness he displayed, and the hangman himself said that Frederick Storey was the “coolest” man he’d ever dispatched. Yet Storey was also the last man Berry ever executed…

* DEATH IN GREENWICH The neighbours were aghast at Harriet’s behaviour while her husband was away at sea. But sadly the “good times” so suddenly came to an abrupt end


* PAULA WAS ON THE RUN FOR 35 YEARS After she broke out of jail she changed her name, got married and became a pillar of the community. Three decades later the police arrived and her husband listened in astonishment to the story of her past life

* ASK TRUE CRIME: “I ALSO MURDERED MY MOTHER” A reader’s enquiry regarding a famous US serial killer who, as some measure of atonement, wanted to donate her organs to medical science after her execution

* MOTHER AND DAUGHTER WATCH KILLER DIE IN THE ELECTRIC CHAIR Friday, March 18th, 2010, was the date that had been looming on the calendar for years; an appointment Lorraine and daughter Kristie both dreaded but felt they had no choice but to keep


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