True Crime February 1993


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In America they call it wilding. Her in Britain the horrifying new craze in crime is called louting. Youths take a cocktail of drink and drugs, then go out looking for trouble. In our first story in the issue, The Battersea Baseball Bat Murder, two young south London men went out louting with a baseball bat intending to smash up parked cars. Then one of them had a better idea – why not smash up a man’s head?

Compare The Brixton Taxi Murder, with the modern Battersea murder. What a difference in motive! How would detectives dealing with 1920s crimes deal with 1990s crimes like louting?

There has always been something deeply disturbing about crimes which don’t have a tangible motive, and it becomes doubly disturbing when the killer is a member of the non-violent sex. Bertha Gifford was willing to go to the bedside of any sick or dying neighbour at any time of day or night, in all weathers. For 18 years she was kept busy on her errands of mercy – until she was exposed as The Fiend Of Franklin County.

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