True Crime August 1991

True Crime August 1991


The full story of Blanche!!!

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Todays awareness of child abuse has an enlightened body of people telling us we ought to feel sorry for child sex abusers as they are very often the victims of abuse themselves. But does your instinct tell you that the underlying emotion behind the activities of these people is irrational but intense loathing? In this horrifying story you may find there is a lot of truth in the killer’s words when he said, “I didn’t have a happy childhood. Why should anyone else?”

The sexual proclivities of Cecil Cornock might raise a few sniggers, but it was no laughing matter for his wife when he was found dead – apparently murdered, in his bath. Things looked bleak indeed for the widow as she was accused of his murder and saw the evidence against herself mount up. Then the semi-retired Sir Bernard Spilsbury confirmed one man’s suspicions – and the case took a dramatic new twist.

Beware of nasty neighbours! There is a cautionary tale of exactly how nasty they can be, a reminder that if they don’t personally kill you then they might certainly try to make arrangements, if necessary from beyond the grave, to make you miserable.

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