The Rachel Files

The Rachel Files


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The Untold Secrets of the Rachel Nickell Investigation

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The information contained in this book is so explosive that Scotland Yard went to the most astonishing lengths to stop it being written. Fortunately, they were unsuccessful…

On 15th July 1992, an event occurred that shocked a whole nation. Young Rachel Nickell was found on Wimbledon Common. She had been brutally stabbed 49 times. Her two-year-old son had witnessed it all.

The ensuing police operation was one of the most complex in history. Scotland Yard put together a team of top detectives, aided by state-of-the-art computer technology, in a desperate effort to catch the merciless killer. DI Keith Pedder, fresh from the Flying Squad, headed up the investigation.

After months of painstaking research, one chief suspect emerged: Colin Stagg, a loner who lived near the scene of the crime. But no evidence could be linked to him, so DI Pedder engineered a classic ‘honeytrap’ plot in the shape of a young policewoman.

Pedder knew he was on the cusp of legality, but on legal advice he went ahead with the plan nevertheless. The young policewoman engaged in a complicated correspondence with Stagg, and even met with him, wired for sound.

In this astonishing book, Keith Pedder reveals the truth behind that amazing investigation. Scotland Yard were so concerned about the material contained within its pages that they raided Pedder’s home in an attempt to locate the manuscript and went to other, even more extraordinary, lengths to discover what he was about to reveal. Keith was even arrested.

Fortunately they were unsuccessful in their attempts to ban this important book. Now, finally, the entire truth can be told…


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