The Assassination of the Prime Minister


Only once in history has a British Prime Minister been assassinated.

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Only once in history has a British Prime Minister been assassinated. At 5.00 p.m. on Monday, 11th May 1812, John Bellingham made his way to the Houses of Parliament carrying concealed weapons. At 5.15 p.m., as the Rt Hon. Spencer Perceval, The Tory Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, was walking across the lobby leading to the House of Commons, Bellingham shot him dead. Bellingham was neither a revolutionary nor a religious fanatic, but a successful young entrepreneur. What had driven him to commit such a heinous crime?

David C. Hanrahan examines closely the previous lives of these two men, Perceval and Bellingham, who are for ever linked by this awful moment in history. He explains in fascinating detail the events that led up to the assassination and paints a vivid picture of both the assassin and his victim. For the first time he describes the day of the murder itself and subsequent events using eyewitness accounts, the report of the doctor who treated the Prime Minister at the scene, the Coroner’s Court report and the transcript from Bellingham’s trial for murder at the Old Bailey.

David C. Hanrahan’s latest book is a brilliant non-fiction thriller containing the themes of suspense, revenge, personal tragedy and murder, made the more gripping because it is all true.


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