Murder Most Foul No. 68

Murder Most Foul No. 68


This quarter boasts a 20-story “women who kill” special edition with stories – old and new – from Britain and America.

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This quarter boasts a 20-story “women who kill” special edition with stories – old and new – from Britain and America.
The friends and relatives of Larissa Schuster were used to her moans and rants about her husband Tim – they seemed never-ending. She even openly boasted that she would kill him if she could get away with it. The difference is, she meant it, and she co-owned a chemical laboratory. But what drives a woman like Larissa down such an evil, deadly path? Read this modern murder shocker and you tell us.

For a woman convicted of only one murder, the universal dislike and revulsion attached to the name of Kate Webster is awesome. Perhaps it was because having boiled up her dismembered victim she skimmed off the fat and then tried to sell it in her local pub as “best dripping!” Meanwhile, are the crimes and execution of the first two women hanged at Holloway Prison.

Tenant farmer William Dove deserves a special mention. A few years into his marriage he was looking for a way out. He was beset by financial worries and his wife was constantly “indisposed” – and he was enthralled by the exploits of Staffordshire poisoner Dr. William Palmer. So did William Dove poison his wife or did she die as a result of black magic?

Larissa – The Acid Bath Murderess
The First Two Women Hanged At Holloway Prison
Three Bullets For A Mother’s Boy
Detroit’s Sex-Mad Phantom
Midnight Murderess – Hero Executed In Cold Blood
The Knutsford Mystery…And One Woman’s Story Of Murder
The Woman Who Sang On Her Way To The Electric Chair
The Girl Who Lost Her Head – To The Man Who Was Off His!
Hampstead’s Murderous Mother-In-Law
New Zealand’s Horror Of The Handless Corpse
Do Women Face The Executioner Better Than Men?
Classic Poisoning Case From Leeds: "It Is Such Nasty Stuff"
Two Victims For The Girl Nest Door
From Richmond: The Maid Who Sold Human Dripping
Child Killer: Catching New Wengland’s Sex Fiend
Urge To Kill
Somerset Classic – Horrible Murder Of A Husband In Chard
London’s Deadly Cook
Strychnine For Grandma – When A Nightmare Comes True
"Tell Him To Come And See What He Has Done To Me"
Bound, Gagged Victim Battered To Death