Murder Most Foul No. 61

Murder Most Foul No. 61


"My dear mother, I am sorry to tell you it was me that murdered by dear Katie.

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"My dear mother, I am sorry to tell you it was me that murdered by dear Katie. I hope that you will keep that photo of Katie’s for my sake, and you go and see Mrs. Garrity and tell her from me how sorry I am for what I have done," A crime of passion or a deliberate act of cold-blooded murder perpetrated by an ex-soldier known to have a short fuse?

He was just 17 and having the time of his life. He’d never been to London before and there was so much more than back in his hometown of Portsmouth. He booked into a nice hotel under the name Sabini, took in the Science Museum, a show and the cinema and was spending money freely. Then he read the evening paper and had another idea. He’d better visit Scotland Yard to sort matters out. He knew they’d like to talk to him.

Were the young man’s actions those of a sane person? Read the story and you decide.

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