Murder Most Foul No. 53


In 1950 Buckinghamshire Police launched a hunt for a Polish labourer Eugen Stefanowicz.

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In 1950 Buckinghamshire Police launched a hunt for a Polish labourer Eugen Stefanowicz. They focused on London docks when it was learned he was on a Russian ship bound for Leningrad due to call at Kiev and Stockholm on the way. However, when the ship docked at Kiev the captain refused to allow Special Branch officers on board. Scotland Yard then asked the Foreign Office to use diplomatic channels to arrange for the suspect to be interviewed when the ship berthed at Stockholm, but as the ship approached the Swedish port it was intercepted by a Russian tug and the suspect was taken off by military officers. And that was the last anyone in the West saw or heard of Eugen Stefanowicz. Why did the police and diplomatic agencies of two countries want one Polish labourer so badly? And how could this one man be responsible for writing a small chapter of the Cold War?

This was the answer to her prayers, thought Mrs. Lydia English. She was at home in Pengam, Glamorgan, reading a Cardiff evening newspaper when she spotted the ad in which a "married Christian couple" expressed their desire to adopt a healthy baby. In reality that advert was only the beginning. The beginning of a nightmare that led to a murder on a train between Llanishen and Cardiff, which in turn led to calls for a change in the law to deal with the abuses of baby-farming.

The second murder on a train this issue concerns the unsolved slaying of pub housekeeper Elizabeth Camp in a second-class carriage on the 7.42 Hounslow to Waterloo train. This famous case is unlikely to be solved now, but for the "experts" among you it will provide much food for thought.

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