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"There ought to be a law against it," said Tom Konvicka, and if the help of pioneering lawyer Andy Kahan has anything to do with it, there soon will be. What are we talking about? Read ‘Making A Killing’ to find out.

It can be said that every gravestone has a story, some more colourful than others. But few tales are more tragic than the one behind an inscription in a churchyard at Rugeley in Staffordshire.

‘Death Of A Lap Dancer’ describes the murder of Rachel Siani, a shy and studious student by day who became the seductive temptress "Roxanne" by night.

We also have another kind of temptress altogether…who was christened the ‘Angel of Mercy’ by her neighbours in the bustling German quarter of Cincinnati, until friends of the recently departed George Gsellmari, Albert Palmer and Jacob Wagner started to worry who would be the next to pass away…

‘Bradford’s "Safe House" Murder’ describes one of the first cases of domestic violence where a woman was placed in a safe house…escept it didn’t turn out to be that safe.

Since the days of Jack the Ripper the name Whitechapel has become synonymous with horrific murder, but 13 years before Jack was mutilating women in the streets, Henry Wainwright was there, caught up in his own brand of horror. He was getting rid of the dismembered body of a woman, but everything just kept on going wrong!

Making A Killing: Blood Money or Good Business?
Shocking Crime On The Trent and Mersey
Death Of A Dancer: No Sex For Her "Grimy Man?"
Bradford’s "Safe House" Murder
Dark Angel of Death
"It’s Easier To Kill The Bitch"
A Ground-Breaking Case From Scotland: Glasgow Killer Left His Signature In Blood!
Berkshire Horror: Village Stifled By The Stench of Boiling Flesh!
One Confession Too Many
The Aberdeen Axe Murders
"Don’t Kill Him, King – They’ll Fry You
The Secret of Apartment 3B
Killer In A Cop’s Uniform

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