Murder Most Foul No. 47

Murder Most Foul No. 47


They walk among us, the cold-blooded killers who have so far evaded the long arms of the law

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They walk among us, the cold-blooded killers who have so far evaded the long arms of the law. And the years that roll by only dim the memory of whatever slender clues they might have left behind. Nature itself can help erase vital evidence, as happended in the case of shy, religious Yorkshire lass Joan Woodhouse, murdered within earshot of thousands of holiday trippers enjoying a British summer bank holiday weekend in West Sussex. Many questions about the case remain unanswered. Sadly, even with the advent of DNA, Joan’s murder seems likely to remain a mystery.

A murder mystery further from home but with a much greater chance of being resolved is the slaying of wealthy New York financier Ted Ammon, whose battered body was discovered sprawled acorss his bed in his post East Hampton mansion in October, 2011. As the months passed without an arrest or even a suspect the New York tabloids headlined increasingly sensational theories, pointing the finger at everyone from the Mafia to an alleged gay lover to the victim’s widow. To date the whos and whys remain as big a mystery as the identity of the killer, but as with many cases involving the rich and famous this one could run and run…

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Groom Threw His Bride Over A Cliff On Their Wedding Day!
The Arundel Castle Mystery: Who Murdered Joan Woodhouse?
The Mommy Dearest Murder: How Many Victims For The Sinister And Bizarre Brookey Lee West?
An American, A Scotsman And A Murder In Ireland
Unsolved: Who Murdered New York Financier Ted Ammon?
Bounty On A Bondsman’s Wife
Only The Blind To Lead Them
Triple-Killer Was A Sunday School Teacher!
Chilled In The Chair: How Killers Die
Born To Kill
Five Dead In Bloodbath At Pottery Cottage
Breakout-With The Help Of The Warden’s Wife!
The Manhunter
A Night With The Dead

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