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A retired Suffolk policeman and a journalist are the latest in a long line of authors who believe they have solved the as yet unsolvable – the identity of Jack the Ripper. Forget all the usual suspects; their Ripper was a show-off, a showman, a quack doctor, and an American. As a "doctor" most of his patients were women, but he developed a reputation as a fierce misogynist, which fuelled the views of friends and acquaintances that he was the Ripper. Women, he declared, were cattle, and he would become purple with rage when they were even mentioned. Another apparent clue to him being the Ripper was his black museum of body parts – most of his specimens tkane from women. Further, he was a frequent visitor to London during the Ripper’s reign. But were those dissections his own? And despite calling himself a doctor, did he know anymore thant the average man in the street about human anatomy? The whys and wherefores surrounding this candidate abound.

"I’ve come to give myself up," elderly Eliza Barlow told the constable in the police station at Shaw, near Oldham. "I’ve killed my husband. I threw a bread-knife at him at half-past seven." It was the beginning of an incredible case in which the victim was perhaps the only man in British criminal history to have been killed by a knife thrown by his wife!

Was Jack The Ripper An American?
When Harry Thaw Came To London
Murder Or Accident?
Murder At Ash Vale Station
Seven Victims For Killer Who Feared The Dark
Oldham’s Tragic Case Of The Husband Who Nagged To Much
He Ran To The Gallows
Prisoner Released On A Weeked Pass To Murder
"I Did Not Kill My Son"
Incredible Case Of The Big Sleep
I Don’t Care How It’s Done, Kill My Wife
"I Won’t Die In The Electric Cahir" – He Did!
Female Taxi Driver Dumped In Abandoned Mine Shaft
Caravan Blaze Mystery Of The Birthday Sleep-Over
I Don’t Know Why I Kill
Who Murdered Ida Hume?

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