Murder Most Foul No. 35


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A good part of this issue concerns medical men and their involvement in crime

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A good part of this issue concerns medical men and their involvement in crime. On one hand there are the champions of forensic science whose expertise bring criminals to book, on the other, the medical murderer – a nightmare to behold because of his skill in killing. And the fact he can go unchallenged simply because we trust doctors – just as Janice Trahan did in the first story.

The forensic theme continues in the case from Florida. When a woman was burned to death in her home on Millionaire’s Row, Sarasota, an alert detective noticed a vital clue in the markings on the carpet which told him it was not suicide, but murder. All he had to do then was prove it.

Another police officer worthy of recognitition is Detective Clifton from the Lincolnshire police. When he was called in to investigate what looked like a burglary gone wrong he had virtually no clues to help him. There were no fingerprints, footprints, or witnesses. But he has a skill essential in a good detective, able to stock doggedly to the facts, not allowing outside influences to colour his judgement. A gift he used to great effect…

Doctor Injected Nurse With Aids
Forensice Firsts of the 20th Century
When A Walk In The Country Can Turn to Horror
Suicide or Murder?
The Lincoln Axe Murders
The Carlyle Harris Case
A Dose Too Clever
Two Doctors
The Railroad Killer
Murder On Redwood Highway
Dungeons, Dragons, Daggers and Death
Murder in Little Hell
Trapping New York’s Gigolo Slayer
Terror Comes To Santa Claus
"There’s Another Man, Isn’t There?"

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