Murder Most Foul No. 16


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Our new look Murder Most Foul fizzes into action with an awful lot of executions. A black man was hanged in Lanarkshire; a white man in North London. The Night of the Execution is told through the eyes of reporter Luke Frost, who watched the condemned man die an agonising death in the gas chamber. There is another execution when two were hanged together on a specially built gallows – and one was only a boy of 16! A hanging was the result of Murder On The Waterloo Line; in Herefordshire a butler ended up at the end of a rope and The Fiend Who Left His Brides For Dead was electrocuted. What a death toll! Some say that capital punishment is judicial murder, but do the killers deserve to pay the supreme penalty? Are there any killers featured whom you would have spared? The 16-year-old perhaps?

He Thought He’d Get Away With Murder…Twice!
Lanarkshire Horror: "Lynch Him" Cried The mob
Hunting The Human Cougar
North London’s Case Of The Fatal Photograph
The Night Of The Execution
The Torture Killers
Northants Mystery: Double Murder At The Gatehouse
Murder On The Waterloo Line
Who Stabbed Myrtle Bopst?
Herefordshire’s Double Murder At Burghill Court
The Fiend Who Left His Brides For Dead
Staffordshire’s "Skewered With A Poker" Murder
Death Cry In The Night
Father And Son Executed For Double Murder

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