Murder Most Foul No. 128


In February 1951, Jean Lee made history – but not in a way she could ever have wished to. Her fate was to become the last woman ever to be hanged in Australia. She was executed, while heavily sedated and in a coma, aged 31, at Pentridge prison in the state of Victoria. But should she have gone to the gallows for the torture-murder of William “Pop” Kent? Many people at the time had considerable doubts about the part she played in the killing. Read this issue’s “Why Australia Executed Jean Lee” for a compelling account of this still-controversial case.

Dr. Emily Riegel was getting ready for work at her home in the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri, on the morning of October 25th, 2017, when her life changed forever. She heard “two loud pops” and knew instinctively a weapon had been discharged. When she ran downstairs, she found her lawyer husband Tom Pickert lying fatally wounded on the porch. Who was the shooter? And why was Tom his chosen victim? Find out in “From Millionaire To Murderer”..

Finally, don’t miss a chilling account of betrayal, greed and murder from Greater Manchester. See “Son Saved Parents From Drowning…Then Shot Them Dead” in this packed issue.

Highlights this issue include:

* Killer Karla And The Pleasure Of The Pickaxe
* Son Saved Parents From Drowning…Then Shot Them Dead
* Why Australia Executed Jean Lee
* What Drove Albert To Kill?
* The Murder Club
* Terrible Torture On Ryan’s Ranch
* Miss Keeton’s Strange Stories of Murder
* The Murder Of A “Popular” Prison Officer
* From Millionaire To Murderer
* Southampton’s Care In The Community Murder
* Candy Kid And Tiger Girl’s Deadly Spree
* Death On A Night Out
* “I Wanted To Know What It Felt Like To Kill”
* Yorkshire Village Tragedy Revisited

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