Murder Most Foul No. 127


She was the blonde-haired American actress whose fame eclipsed her film-star status and whose life came to a sudden, tragic end at the age of just 36. Marilyn Monroe’s death at her Los Angeles home in August 1962 shocked the world. Today, the iconic sex symbol’s life and mysterious passing, supposedly of a drug overdose, are still making headlines, following the release on Netflix of the absorbing film Blonde, starring Ana De Armas. The film is a fictionalised account of Marilyn’s life and death, but our account deals only with the facts – see this issue’s “Was Marilyn Murdered?” for the full story.

Two killer nurses or Angels of Death feature in this issue, starting with American black widow Nikki Capello in “Nurse Nikki And The Body In The Garage”.

Our second Angel of Death is the deadly, infamous, former British nurse Beverley Allitt whose 1991 child-killing spree at a Lincolnshire hospital shocked the nation. Should she ever be released from her incarceration at a secure hospital? Rad “The Killer Nurse Of Ward Four” for a chance to make your own mind up.

Highlights this issue include:

* Nurse Nikki And The Body In The Garage

* Why He Hammered His “Bruv” To Death

* Was Marilyn Murdered?

* Could A Pair Of Tweezers Save A Man From The Gallows?

* Couples Who Kill: “We’ll Kill Harry And Be Lovers Forever,” Urged Marguerite

* Burford’s Bicycle Lamp Murder

* Lyn’s Killer Gets Life – But Where Is Her Body?

* Pick-Axe Slaughter At The Chequers

* Slaughter At The Staff Meeting

* The Killer Nurse Of Ward Four

* Murder In Holloway

* America’s First Public Enemy No. 1

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