Murder Most Foul No. 126


He came to England from Bombay (now Mumbai) to work as a doctor. But Dr. Buck Ruxton’s career turned out to be a short one. Aged 37, he achieved national infamy as the prime suspect in a chilling double-murder. The two victims were his “wife” Isabella and their maid Mary Rogerson whose dismembered remains were found in a Scottish river, far from his home in Lancaster. Was he guilty? Eminent criminal barrister Norman Birkett had his doubts and took on the task of defending him at his trial in Manchester. See this issue’s “Savage Surgeon Commits ‘Jigsaw Murders’” for the full, incredible story.

We cross the Atlantic for a meeting with “Velma The Hammer-Wielding Killer”. In the late Roaring Twenties she hit the headlines for a brutal murder and stayed there – becoming something of a notorious celebrity known for her kinky sex appeal and courtroom antics during a sensational murder trial.

Also this issue, don’t miss the decidedly chilling case of cold-blooded German serial killer Arwed Imiela in “’Bluebeard’ Ordered An Extra Freezer For His Victims”.

Highlights this issue include:

* Yvette And The Bodies In The Acid Bath

* Perth Double-Killer’s Bizarre Video “Rehearsal”

* Savage Surgeon Commits “Jigsaw Murders”

* Couples Who Kill: Lisa And Jerry…A Deadly Duo

* Deadly Shots Around Midnight Silence The Dance Partners

* Velma The Hammer-Wielding Killer

* Death By The Eleanor Cross

* When Cindy Lost Control

* “Marry Me Or Die”

* A Deadly Case Of Blackmail

* “Bluebeard” Ordered An Extra Freezer For His Victims

* Confession: “How I Killed My Wife And Her Lover”

* How College Kids Cracked Roxanne’s Cold-Case Killing

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