Murder Most Foul No. 124


Teenagers Pauline Parker, 16, and Juliet Hulme, 15, meant the world to each other – but their close friendship, in which they engaged in sexual experiments, was a worry to both sets of parents. The girls, from Christchurch, New Zealand, immersed themselves in literature, dreamed of becoming authors and began to consider themselves above the law. They indulged in shoplifting and wondered whether prostitution or blackmail was the route to financial reward. Pauline’s mother wanted to split them up – so she had to die. Read “Let’s Moider Mother” for the full story.

School baseball coach Russ Stager was worried. He feared that his wife Barbara was out to kill him. In fact, so suspicious was he that he recorded a tape voicing those concerns. Days later, the 40-year-old dad from North Carolina was dead – mortally wounded when he was “accidentally” shot by his wife while in bed. Russ’s recording didn’t come to light till a year after his death. But when it did, investigators were very keen to speak to Barbara. Don’t miss “Did Barbara Murder One Husband…Or Two?”

Finally, don’t miss a curious case from Leytonstone, east London. Wife-killer Charles Frembd was guilty. But should his age and frailty have saved him? Find out in “An Old Man On The Gallows”.

Highlights this issue include:

* “Boa Constrictor Killed My Husband”

* Farm Worker’s Deadly Revenge

* Shot Dead In Church – Ex-Wife Who Unearthed Child Porn

* “Let’s Moider Mother”

* Mystery Death In The Captain’s Cabin

* Did Barbara Murder One Husband…Or Two?

* 199-year Sentence For Chicago’s “Blonde Tigress”

* Strange Case of The 78-Year-Old Prostitute

* “Mommy Was Crying…Mommy Was In The Rug”

* An Old Man On The Gallows

* She Hired A Hit-Man

* Jessy Wouldn’t Let Her Lover Leave – Alive

* Unsolved: Who Killed “Carefree” Sandy?

* “It Was Sex. I Haven’t Had It For A Year”

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