Murder Most Foul No. 123

Murder Most Foul No. 123


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Multi-millionaire, cross-dresser, convicted murderer…three of the many ways to describe recently deceased New York real estate tycoon Robert Durst. He’d barely begun a life sentence in California for the 2000 murder of his friend Susan Berman, and had also been formally accused of killing his wife Kathie too 40 years ago in 1982. Famously, he had also managed to convince a jury that he didn’t murder a former neighbour whose body he dismembered and disposed of… Many remain convinced that Durst did murder Maurice Black and was in fact a serial killer. For more, read this issue’s “Jinxed: He Killed Susan But Did He Kill Kathie Too?”

“The conduct of the offender was calculated, violent and hateful. His crimes cannot be viewed as anything other than an attack on the very foundation of Australian democracy.” So said Justice Peter Garling at the sentencing of Leonard Warwick whose campaign of vengeful mayhem had brought terror to New South Wales in the 1980s. Read “A Bomber And His Trail Of Victims” for the full story.

Many acts of violence defy belief. American Orion Krause was talented, popular and had the world at his feet. Then he killed four people with a baseball bat. Why? Find out in “I Think I Have To Kill My Mom.”

Highlights this issue include:

* Did Kelley Really Strangle Husband Jim?

* Mystery of The Burning Shop

* Jinxed: He Killed Susan But Did He Kill Kathie Too?

* “I Think I Have To Kill My Mom”

* Slough’s Deadly Love Triangle

* When Anjette Cooked, Murder Was On The Menu

* A Bomber And His Trail of Victims

* Ma Barker And her Deadly Brood

* “64 Russell Street? That’s Me! I Have Shot Them Dead”

* Couples Who Kill: Jessica’s Deadly Invitation

* “I Had Trouble Sawing Tara Up”

* Crocodile Tears Of A Killer Husband

* “Jack The Ripper” Murder In A Sheffield Churchyard

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