Murder Most Foul No. 122


The heinous crimes of Milwaukee’s most famous serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, continue to intrigue – 27 years after his murder behind bars in November 1994. TV streaming service Netflix is about to release a 10-episode biopic called Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, said to be told from the perspective of the killer’s victims, and focusing on police incompetency. What better time, then, to look at the extraordinary story of Dahmer’s final victim Tracy Edwards – the one that got away. See this issue’s lead story, “Jeffrey Dahmer’s Final Victim”.

From the US to 1930s England and a murder mystery that perhaps could have been solved were it not for a “wall of silence” that frustrated investigators attempting to shed light on the deadly events at Bashall Eaves. Read “Unsolved: Mystery Of The Man Who Didn’t Know He’d Been Shot”.

And don’t miss “Wendie – Poisonous Black Widow?”, a tale that has gripped Australia. When David Lawrence died from an overdose of prescription medicines in 2015, the day after his 62nd birthday, suspicion fell on his partner, who’d had an addiction to such drugs in the past. It looked like she’d changed his will, too. She would be convicted of murder, but that wasn’t the end of the story…

Highlights this issue include:

* Jeffrey Dahmer’s Last Victim

* Unsolved: Mystery Of The Man Who Didn’t Know He’d Been Shot

* Couples Who Kill: Killing Couple’s Appetite For Sex And Murder

* Lincolnshire’s Killer Grandson

* San Francisco’s Waterfront Ripper

* Wendie – Poisonous Black Widow?

* Wife With A Heart Of Ice

* Castleford’s Tragic Case Of The Deadly Wedding Present

* How To Trap An “Extremely Clever Killer”

* A Diamond Solitaire Helped To Trace Lillian’s Killer

* Murder By Numbers

* Prison Guard Has Her Ex-Husband Killed – By Her Father

* Axe-Murder Of A Swindon Landlady

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