Murder Most Foul No.12


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Murder in the second degree. Not one of us on the Murder Most Foul team would have got the correct answer, we are ashamed to say, but we got sackfuls of entries which proved to us that our readers have a tremendous grasp on the way trials can go. If ever there was a call for professional jurors, Murder Most Foul would have no hesitation in recommending a few hundred suitable candidates!

Food shortages are something which frankly few of us can remember in this country – even rationing doesn’t count in the context of the Mexican Horror story. An entrepreneur with grisly criminal leanings found a way of meeting a demand in the market…Horror indeed.

A few people are way of using public toilets – but not usually because they think they are going to be murdered! Yet in the full swing of the holiday season at Newquay, Cornwall in 1958 that is what happened to one man who went into a gents while his wife waited outside for him. What was the motive – and where is the killer?

  • Why Would Anyone Want To Poison Sexy Sue?
  • Strychnine – The Cruellest Poison
  • Who Burned Freddy and Evelyn?
  • Escape From Sing Sing’s Death Row
  • Manchester Killer Pleaded To Be Hanged!
  • The Lynching of Leo Frank
  • How I Solved The Murder Without A Clue
  • Two Slain IN Oxford Street Shooting
  • Mummy In The Sand Dunes
  • You The Jury / Competition Winners
  • Corpse In The Cupboard
  • The Newquay Greenshirt Murder
  • He Killed ‘Em With Laughter – And He Killed ‘Em With An Axe!
  • Railway Psycho
  • Human Butcher Sold His Victims’ Flesh As Pork!
  • “I’ve Just Cut Rosie’s Head Off!”
  • Invasion Of The Baby Snatchers
  • Angel of Death
  • Murder Of The Pastor’s Wife
  • Body Stuffed In Tree In Hagley Wood
  • The Prostitute And The Mad Airman
  • When The Body Went By Bike
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