Murder Most Foul No. 10


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Some dull people would criticise the interest others have in crime, yet for centuries it has provided a consuming fascination for the majority. Often, a seemingly trivial motive lies at the heart of the murder, lifting the ordinary, humdrum events of daily life into a context that requires much thought.

In our Scottish classic, a case of unfair dismissal led to murder. What would you do if you turned up for work one morning and discovered that a couple of your colleagues had come in early and were beating your unpopular foreman to death? Curiously, not one of the witnesses turned their murderous fellow-workers in.

And why should a seemingly respectable medical man shoot and kill his little daughter when he was supposed to be taking her to see a pantomime? The case provoked furious protests at the time.

History is literally speckled with ordinary people who suddenly become murderers. Who unless they have personally experienced this catharsis can possibly understand what triggers both the desire and the ability to kill? What better justification does anyone need for an interest in this compelling subject – crime – than the wish to try to understand one’s fellow beings?


  • Surrey’s Strange Case Of The Hanged Man
  • Baltimore Butcher Cut His Victim’s Heart Out
  • Blackpool’s Case Of The Stifling Hand
  • Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave
  • Why Did A Doctor Shoot His Daughter?
  • Bizarre Riddle In The Locked House
  • Murder In The Mist
  • Death Secret Of A Rich Recluse
  • Scottish Classic: 80,000 Line Execution Route To Crosshill
  • The Execution Of Susan Newell
  • Two Slain Over A Pile Of Clothes
  • The ‘Mayor Of Boys’ Town’ Who Took Aspirin Before He Killed
  • The Wimbledon Poisoner Who Hanged ‘Like A Gentleman’
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