Master Detective Summer Special 2020

Master Detective Summer Special 2020


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This collection of cases from the pages of Master Detective and its sister magazines brings you a concentrated dose of the best stories from across the world.

Highlights of this 20-story special edition include:

* 20 Years For Jessica The Coffee Killer

* The Last Irishman To Be Hanged In Britain

* From Scotland: Prostitute Lured Henry To His Death

* Gallows For The Singapore Sex-Killers

* 71 Victims For The South American Sex Monster

* In The Wake Of Hurricane Katrina…He Cut Her Up And Cooked Her

* Fatal Rampage Aboard Nuclear Sub

* Racist Sniper Claimed 20 Victims

* 46,000 Were Fingerprinted In The Search For June’s Killer

* “Still A Danger To The Public”

* From Cornwall: Grisly Murder Plot To Kill Her Pagan Lover

* Susan Polk – Psycho Killer?

* Gerri Came Home To Horror

* Murder In The Sky

* Five Victims For The Bratislava Strangler

* Killer Trapped By A $500 Ring

* Bound, Murdered, Stabbed And Burned

* Slaughter Of The Innocents

* Does Someone Still Know Ruth’s Killer?

* Forty-Seven Years To Name Wendy’s Killer


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