Master Detective Summer Special 2012


Jack Abbott – Norman Mailer’s lethal pupil An award-winning author’s protégé was released from prison but killed again

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Master Detective Summer Special 2012 – 20 fascinating true crime stories from the pages of Master Detective, True Crime, True Detective and Murder Most Foul…

* Jack Abbott – Norman Mailer’s lethal pupil
An award-winning author’s protégé was released from prison but killed again
* A soldier’s spiral into madness and murder
He asked for help from doctors, warning them of his murderous intent. But no one seemed to be listening
* Murder secret of the masked wrestler
The victims were strangled with their own clothes or telephone wires – but why, the police wondered, did the killer hate old ladies?
* The bitter life of a disgraced predator
From Dublin, he was abrasive and unrepentant – and the list of possible killers would surely have been a long one – but who did cut the octogenarian’s throat?
* American dream, Hollywood nightmare
Fate set up the chance meeting between the flashy entrepreneur and the waitress. But their rags to riches fairytale would have anything but a happy ending…
* The maid, the mistress and the soldier
A mother of two was found dead at her home in Stanmore
* The secret of the locked door
They seemed a loving couple, but why did they keep themselves apart from the villagers? A Hungarian crime classic
* “How I wound up on Death Row”
Barbara Graham’s own account of her life and the crimes that sealed her fate
* Big thick dude – and mutilator
A single mother went out on a first date with a student after meeting him online. There were tragic consequences after an argument on their way home
* The life and death of John Straffen
After his escape from Broadmoor a young girl was found murdered nearby
* Deadly confession
After hearing confession from a paranoid schizophrenic a priest was beaten to death inside his church
* On the road to murder with Herzog & Shermantine
The “Speed Freak Killers” of California
* Woman beheaded in Otley Street
Yorkshire horror of a woman mutilated in broad daylight
* The beauty queen killer
A serial killer who abducted and raped at least 11 women and killed at least four of them during a spree across the United States
* Ripper of the Blitz
A gas mask led police to a killer in wartime London
* Strangled, dismembered and barbecued on apartment balcony
Neighbours at an apartment block in Texas wondered what Timothy Shepherd was burning for at least two days on the balcony of his second-floor flat
* Secrets of the “brides in the bath” killer
Bigamist, swindler and multiple murderer George Joseph Smith always claimed he was innocent
* “Here’s a present for you, dad…”
Murder followed when a son thought he would inherit his father’s estate
* Burnt at the stake
A servant girl who poisoned her master faced an horrific fate
* Who killed Mr. Submarine?
A businessman was gunned down in his car in Florida. The police discovered that the tycoon had many enemies…
* Plus MD Viewpoint and prize competition and much more

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