Master Detective Summer Special 1998


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Torture House – one of the strangest stories ever told! Poisoned Affair – sex and strychnine a lethal cocktail "Ouija board told us to kill" Plus stories from Newcastle, Brighton, Slough…

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Torture House – one of the strangest stories ever told
This staggering tale by Detective Lieutenant William Oeltjen, former assistant chief of detectives in the Louisville police department

Lovers Who Made Brighton Rock
The French Canadian soldiers who sailed into the seaside town seemed like Hollywood movie stars to the fun-starved local girls. They brought presents, romance, passion – and sometimes they brought an instinct to kill

Poisoned Affair…
But was sex and strychnine a lethal cocktail? Housekeeper Dorothy Brookshire and Sheriff Olin Johnson. "I fixed the sandwiches while he fished," she told him. "Then I took the bottle from his pocket…"

"Will You Kill Me First"
Their love was doomed from the start, for she was already married with young children. They walked deep into the woods, determined to make an end to their romantic misery. Then things started to go wrong…

Newcastle’s House Of Horror
When on a Saturday morning William Parker closed his front door and set off down the street for the golf course he had a problem on his mind. What exactly was he going to do about the three dead bodies he had left in bed at home?

"Ouija Board Told Us To Kill"
"We sat at the Ouija board," said the girl, trembling. "The lights were dim and the shadows lay thick about the room. At first the board just moved around without meaning. Then suddenly it spelled out who was to be killed."

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