Master Detective Spring Special 2023


Don’t miss this hand-picked collection of cases from earlier issues of Master Detective and its sister magazines True Detective, True Crime and Murder Most Foul – a concentrated dose of the best non-fiction murder stories from across the world.

Highlights include:

* Oxford’s Wind In The Willows Murder
* Why Sugar-Daddy Strangled Georgina
* Three Murdered For 30 Dollars
* Eighteen Years To Catch A Rape-Killer
* Wakefield’s Dentist Of Death
* Why Tiffany Is On Death Row
* Helen And Olga Murdered Men For Their Millions
* “I Killed 87,” Claimed Angel Of Death
* Black Widow Traded Sex For A Slow Death
* “We’re About To Do The Most Evil Thing This Town Has Ever Seen”
* When A Hit-Man “Missed” – A Wealthy Wife Survived
* Who Really Killed Ginger?
* Bearded Woman Battered Sister To Death
* Don’t Turn Your Back On Husband-Killer Claudia…That’s When She Shoots
* Tragedy Of The “Ketchup” Killer And The Body In The Cupboard
* Scunthorpe’s Sad Story Of Mary And Kenny
* The Villisca Axe Murders
* Hollywood Couple Slain And Cut Up By Handyman
* Class Assignment For Today: Double Murder
* Murder In The Rockies

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