Master Detective Spring Special 2020

Master Detective Spring Special 2020


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This collection of cases from the pages of Master Detective, True Detective, True Crime and Murder Most Foul brings you a concentrated dose of the best stories from across the world, reporting many aspects of murder. It all adds up to a fascinating cocktail of true crime. Read, enjoy…and let us know what you think.

Why Shayna Shot Ryan In The Face
She shot her boyfriend six times but maintained it was in self-defence

Wrestled To Death On A Night Of “Slow Torture”
Three brothers tortured a vulnerable woman during a seven-hour ordeal by performing a series of WWE moves on her

“Don’t Let That Pretty Face Fool You”
Barbara and her daughter had a troubled relationship…

Facebook Feud Turns To Double-Murder
How a woman convinced her parents and boyfriend to kill a couple who had “unfriended” her on Facebook

Killed By Their Perfect Son
What drove the public schoolboy to bludgeon and stab his parents to death?

Desperate Scratches That Condemned A Killer
An Australian woman’s body was discovered 10 days after she was reported missing by her husband, a great-grandson of Lord Baden-Powell

Body Parts For Hollywood Stars
“I want your vital organs,” the killer told his horrified victim who was handcuffed to a radiator in a dingy basement

Dublin Horror: Cyanide For A Pregnant Wife
A smooth-talking con-man whose whole life had become a web of lies and deceit disappeared when his pregnant wife died suddenly

Anatomy Of A Serial Killer
The Rhine-Ruhr Ripper who killed at least four women in the 1990s

Massacre At Pottery Cottage
Four members of one family held captive and killed by an escaped convict

Did Lesbian Affair Lead To Murders?
A man killed his estranged wife, her grandmother, and his two daughters

“I’d Like To Sleep With Your Mother”
A coarse remark allegedly made by a British expat millionaire to his handyman started a drunken fight that ended in tragedy

Murder Charge For “Germany’s Oscar Pistorius”
Boxing hero Bubi Scholz and a bizarre shooting

An Undertaker’s Terrible Secret
Where did he bury his wife’s body?

Death Row For 5-Time Killer Caught By Paper Cup
How Faryion “Gonzo” Wardrip handed over his past and his future to a cop

Snatched From The Street By A Sexual Predator
A predator pictured in the act of snatching a victim

Carmen Hid Dismembered Boyfriend In Flower Pots
Neighbours saw a woman pushing a wheelie-bin past their homes. Police later discovered it contained her boyfriend’s body parts

Smile Of A Psycho
“What’s the time?” asked the stranger…then he pulled a gun and shot an innocent man in the head

Did Clare Murder Boyfriend With Broken Crockery?
A frail man was murdered in a brutal and grisly attack

“‘Mommy, When I Die I Don’t Want To Be Buried’…And Look What Happened To Her Little Body”
A man viciously punched a teenage girl who had accepted a ride in his car, killing her, because she asked him to stop smoking crack cocaine in front of her

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