Master Detective September 2021

Master Detective September 2021


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Gary Ridgway, aka the Green River Killer, preyed on vulnerable women in the 80s and 90s. His first five victims, all of whom were strangled, were dumped in the Green River, the 65-mile-long river that flows through the state of Washington, USA. Sex workers and teenage runaways all fell victim to him. Read this issue’s “Life And Horrific Crimes Of The Green River Killer” for a full account of his heinous deeds.

“Scotland’s Classic Cases – He Beheaded And Dismembered His Mother” recalls the 2013 investigation in Edinburgh into the killing of Philomena Dunleavy, an Irishwoman from Dublin. Don’t miss it.

And in Dublin in 1936, the disappearance of another mother set alarm bells ringing – with good reason. See “MD Forum – What Happened To Lavinia?” in this packed issue.

Highlights this issue include:

* Eight Die In Family Massacre

* European Crime Report: “Killing Costs Nothing,” “Stabbed To Death Over A Joke,” “Revenge Of The Angry Dentist,” “A Half Share In A Death Ride”

* A Golden Age…For Murder: An Assassin At The Heart Of Empire

* Life And Horrific Crimes Of The Green River Killer

* Women On The Gallows: Fight Between Neighbours Led Mary To The Gallows

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: He Beheaded And Dismembered His Mother

* Lovers In Wartime Tragedy

* MD Forum: What Happened To Lavinia?

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