Master Detective October 2022

Master Detective October 2022


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London’s vice trade was thriving in the late 1940s – and the kings of it were the Soho-based Messina brothers. They became so successful that they believed they were more powerful than the British government. But pride comes before a fall. And they hadn’t reckoned on the courage and influence of legendary investigative crime reporter Duncan Webb who would hasten their demise. This issue, in the first part of a new series, Murder Was My Business – “My War Against The Drug Barons,” we look at Webb’s role.

“Women On The Gallows – What On Earth Made Hilda Kill?”, meanwhile, takes us to Canada and the deadly deed of twisted Hilda Blake.

Finally, don’t miss a trip across the Irish Sea for the intriguing County Wexford’s Caravan Murder.

Highlights this issue include:

* Murder She (Really) Wrote

* European Crime Report:
“Slayer Sarah, 19, Idolised Serial Killers,” “How Many Of Her Kids Did This Mum Kill?” “Rugby Star Gunned Down In Paris,” “No Country For Dog Owners”

* New Series: Murder Was My Business – “My War Against The Vice Barons”

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: Horror In Aberdeen

* Women Executed For Their Crimes: What On Earth Made Hilda Kill?

* US Executions – The “Rock ’N’ Roll Years”: “You’ll Never Put Me In The Green Room”

* “He’s A Good Boy At Heart”

* County Wexford’s Caravan Murder

* MD Forum: Wiped Out By His Darling Daughter

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