Master Detective October 2021

Master Detective October 2021


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The case of Valerie Bacot, though little-reported in the English-speaking world, has been big news in France in recent months. Can it be right that she should walk free after drugging and shooting her husband, point-blank? Don’t judge her till you’ve read this month’s European Crime Report…

Our classic Edwardian murder case this issue focuses on the three men on trial for beating Esther Atkins to death in Aldershot. Were the right men hanged for the crime? Read “Two Went To The Gallows – But Were They The Right Two?” and decide for yourself.

A reader wrote to ask about the Liverpool sack murder of 1913. We already knew it well, but when researching our updated report for this issue, came up with some remarkable “new” pictures. It’s all in Master Detective October.

Highlights this issue include:

* Killer Cop And The Singing Star

* European Crime Report: “I Killed Husband To Save Our Girl From Sex Trade,” “Three Bullets For The Boss,” “End Of A Spanish Dream,” “How The Author Lost The Plot”

* A Golden Age…For Murder: Two Went To The Gallows – But Were They The Right Two?

* False Confession Of The “Half-Ton Killer”

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: “I’ll Shoot The First Policeman I See”

* The Drunken Demon Of Forest Glade

* Family’s 40-Year Wait For Justice

* Women On The Gallows: When Mr. Berry Hanged Mrs. Berry

* MD Forum: Christina Was Battered To Death In The Shop She Managed

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