Master Detective May 2023

Master Detective May 2023


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It’s 135 years since the murders in Whitechapel, east London, made the name of the world’s most famous, and elusive, serial killer – Jack the Ripper. But the gruesome murders he is known to have committed over the course of a few months were far from the only slayings in that dreadful year. In this month’s MD we begin a new series, “The Whitechapel Murders”, based on police files from the time, in which we take you back to 1888. Which murders “belong” to the Ripper? Which ones don’t?

If you thought you’d heard the last of Charles Sobhraj, the serial killer and thief dubbed the Serpent for his snake-like ability to evade the authorities, think again. See this issue’s “European Crime Report”.

Finally, this issue marks two significant “lasts” in the history of crime – “The Last Woman Garrotted In Spain” and “The Last Man Hanged At Glasgow’s Duke Street Prison”.

Highlights this issue include:

* Revenge Of An Enraged Ex
* European Crime Report: “‘Watch Out! The Serpent’s Back – And He’s Feeling Venomous,” “Mum’s Murdered, So Her Daughter Loses Her Freedom,” “Mystery Death Of The Tax Inspector,” “Two Shot Dead Over Wine Store Dispute”
* New Series – The Whitechapel Murders: “The Woman Had Been Barbarously Murdered”
* International Casebook Of Women Executed For Their Crimes: Last Woman Garrotted In Spain
* London’s Strange Case Of The Perfect Gentlemen
* Teacher Beheaded By Her Boyfriend
* Murder In Instalments
* “Are My Children Dead Or Alive?”
* Scotland’s Classic Cases: The Last Man Hanged At Glasgow’s Duke Street Prison
* MD Forum: The Bayswater Apartment Mystery

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