Master Detective May 2022

Master Detective May 2022


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Britain was shocked by the torture-killing of little Arthur Labinjo-Hughes at the hands of his stepmother. But, as we highlight in “Death Sentence For Wicked Stepmother” in this issue, the case has a disturbing US parallel.

“A girl never becomes so wise in the ways of the world that she cannot be deceived by a scoundrel.” So said a radio commentator in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1950, following the predatory murder of Betty Jane McCall. The case is the first in a new series, US Executions – The “Rock ’N’ Roll Years,” starting this month, in which we’ll be highlighting killers who paid the ultimate price in the changing post-war US.

Today, American mom Michelle Lodzinski is a free woman – after her conviction for the 1991 murder of her five-year-old son Timothy was thrown out by the New Jersey Supreme Court. The judges’ verdict: there had been insufficient evidence for a jury to have found her guilty at her 2016 trial. Do you agree? See “Is This Woman Guilty of Child-Murder?” in this issue for the full story.

“Women On The Gallows – Nurses Killed Babies For Cash” takes us back to 1902 and a meeting with the evil baby farmers Amelia Sach and Annie Walters. Note how a bottle of chlorodyne was their poison of choice.

Finally, don’t miss our round-up of infamous con-artists in “MD Forum – Kings Of The Con”.

Highlights this issue include

* Is This Woman Guilty Of Child-Murder?

* European Crime Report: “Husband Ran Over Wife In Two-Tonne Car,” “Regrets Of A Self-Confessed Serial Killer,” “Dad Drives Slap Into Trouble”

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: Aberdeen’s Strange Case Of The Limping Man

* US Executions – The “Rock ’N’ Roll Years”: Beware The Jealous Brother-In-Law

* Women On The Gallows: Nurses Killed Babies For Cash

* Hanged At Strangeways: Part Six

* Two Murders On The Same Day

* Why Shannon’s Murder Took 10 Years To Solve

* MD Forum: Kings Of The Con


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