Master Detective May 1991

Master Detective May 1991


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Murder In Oldham House
Sarah Pemberton snapped awake at 5 o’clock on the morning of February 15th 1886, to find her niece, Elizabeth Berry staring anxiously down at her.

Two Tiny Victims To Satisfy His Perverted Desires!
Carlton Mason told police that he murdered both girls in a panic after luring them to a wooded area. He said his principal reason – sex – was in Marjorie. Esther lost her life because she insisted upon tagging along with her playmate…

Stabbed To Death On Her 18th Birthday!
96 wounds inflicted with 8-inch kitchen knife!

Windsor’s Hunchback Wife Killer!
Dragging the large blanket from beneath the bed and across the floor caused it to unroll – revealing the bloodstained corpse of missing Maria Shill!

71 Victims For Ecuador’s Sex Monster
The first of this month’s Killers in the series, Monster of Murder, is Daniel Camargo Barbosa. In 1986 he escaped from a Colombian prison, crossed into Ecuador, and begun a terrible slaughter.

Murder On A Mountain Road
Promiscuous gay fled naked down embankment.

‘His 10 Victims Died Like Dogs!’
John R.Kizer was a man who did not find his true vocation until later in life. By profession he was a veterinary surgeon, but when he was 53 years old he embarked upon another, more profitable profession – he became a murderer.

Who Murdered Carrie Higgins?
Corpse thrown over fire escape!

Stabbed 27 Times: Roberta’s Husband Refused To Die!
It was like a chilling scene from a horror film…
A blood-covered man pounded on a front door. The door opened and he fell face down, a knife sticking out of his back!

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