Master Detective March 2022

Master Detective March 2022


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Pete Coones was in a legal dispute with Kansas City woman Kathleen Schroll – and when she and her husband Carl were found shot dead in April 2008 investigators reckoned that he was most likely their killer. Trouble was, there wasn’t any actual evidence to support the theory. And in all likelihood it was a murder-suicide. Read this issue’s “How Prison Killed An Innocent Man” for the full story.

Sarah Chesham’s place in British legal history is assured. She was the last woman in England to be hanged for attempted murder. And the injustice of it rumbles on today. Find out more in “Women On The Gallows – They Couldn’t Hang Sarah For Murder”, in this issue.

Finally, who killed wealthy fashion mogul Aristos Constantinou? Turn to this month’s MD Forum – “Murder Of Carnaby Street’s Fashion King” – for our intriguing account.

Highlights this issue include:

* Why Alan, 19, Shot His Family

* European Crime Report: “Four Dead In ‘Sunbed Wars,’” “Cannibal Satanists Kill Two In The Woods,” “Double-Murder Charge After 20 Years”

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: Terror In The Tower

* Murder By Bondage?

* Hanged At Strangeways: Part Four

* How Prison Killed An Innocent Man

* Portsmouth’s Riddle Of The Body Under The Stairs

* Women On The Gallows: They Couldn’t Hang Sarah For Murder

* “From Tying The Knot To Tying The Rope”

* MD Forum: Murder Of Carnaby Street’s Fashion King

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